custom branded natural spring water

If you have a question about skywater then we are happy to answer it

Q What is the turn-around time from the date I place my order?

A Allow approximately four weeks from date of artwork approval. If we can get your order completed faster then we will.

Q What is the minimum quantity my company can order?

A 1 pallet per SKU.

Q What is the shelf life of this product?

A Two years from the date of bottling. A expiry date is printed directly onto the bottle.

Q Can I provide my own label design and artwork?

A This service is provided free of charge, you can provide your own artwork however this will need to be amended prior to print to include all relevant governmental and environmental information to ensure each and every client's custom-labelled product meets stringent recycled packaging and reimbursement legislation.

Q Where does skywater deliver to?

A We will deliver your product anywhere in Australia.

If you have any additional questions about skywater please telephone

1300 660 929 or simply email order@skywater.com.au