custom branded natural spring water

Ideal for promotions or on-selling

How many customers have had your brand in their hand today? Forget about how people feel about your brand, it’s the number of people who are thinking about your brand that determines your future success. Whether you use it as a purely promotional tool, or choose to on-sell your spring water to your customers, with your own custom-labelled skywater as part of your marketing and promotions mix you’ll have an incredibly cost-effective brand-building vehicle.

Selling your own branded spring water at retail.

skywater custom labelled spring water is approved for retail distribution, so you can choose to sell it to your customers if you want to. Being spring water, it's an inherently popular beverage product, as well as having a considerable shelf-life (2 years).

Best of all, whether it's sitting in a display fridge or in a customer's hand, it's always promoting your brand.

Still selling someone else's brand of water?

skywater custom-labelled spring water is competitively-priced, so you can sell it for a comfortable profit. Of course, as well as covering your costs, it's a cost-effective way to promote your brand beyond your store, so you'll know you're only paying for the promotion of your brand, and not someone else's.

skywater applications;

> Company show bags

> Corporate events

> Cross-promotions

> Fundraising awareness

> Product launches

> Special functions

> Trade promotions

> Auto dealerships

> Building industry suppliers

> In-store value adding and more

If you require any further information please telephone skywater directly on

1300 660 929 or simply email order@skywater.com.au